BI Lab on tour – how rainy weather led to successful research

Bad weather had initially seemed to delay our research schedule but in the end, precarious track conditions offered new insights.

As you may have heard, we love motor racing – to improve management reporting. Sounds strange? Human eyesight is different from what we think and on racetracks, lap times clearly reveal which visual strategies can deal with the limitations of our perception successfully and which ones can’t.… weiter

Data Science vs. Fake News

Diagrams dominate our times. The more image-like they are, the less we can control their impact on us. Pictures burn deep into our brains before our conscious mind can prevent permanent damage when they are wrong. Financial media is far away from taking the resulting responsibility as serious as it is. Arm yourself.

My thesis about data mining in financial controlling was very much inspired by the work of Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro.… weiter

Your reports must be racetracks I

What I learned behind the wheel: When designing management reports there is a lot we have to learn from race car drivers. Part 1: From lap times to Neuroscience to the sudden death of diagrams.

Lesson one – Stucki’s eyes led me the way

The eye movements of world-famous race car driver Hans-Joachim Stuck taught me the first lesson: Together we went to the “Ring”, the legendary race track in Germany.… weiter

Bissantz in one minute

What is Business Intelligence? During a conference, we were asked to explain our understanding of Business Intelligence in a one minute video clip. Attention is scarce – so why not? When it comes to looking, seeing and doing of executives, even seconds are sacred for us. That’s why we learn from those kind of sports, where even a tenth of a second determines whether vision strategies are successful.… weiter

Are you a controlling superstar?

Do you master color scales in reports? Test your knowledge on colors and the right way to convey numbers.

Your supervisory board wants a report on the stance in Europe toward the free trade agreement TTIP. You have used a map of Europe to visualize the percentages of supporters by country. Which color scale would you choose?

a) I use traffic-light colors with red for the countries with the most opponents, yellow for the mid-range values, and green for the most supporters.… weiter

Bissantz and DeltaMaster at Porsche

Our forum at Porsche Museum in Stuttgart may be over, but the excitement and enthusiasm are still very strong. And not just for me, but for everyone I have spoken to about it. It was a fabulous day, with outstanding speakers and an eager audience. Our IT and sales orchestrated the setup and organization perfectly, and our development team presented fantastic new innovations.… weiter

Business Intelligence on the “Nordschleife” race track (1)

Were you with us in Berlin? At our Executive Forum celebrating our 20th corporate anniversary? If not, you really missed out. The professional race car driver and instructor, Markus Gedlich, was there among others. He and I presented the findings from our eye tracking samples with the racing legend, Hans-Joachim Stuck.

Markus runs a school for race car drivers. He meticulously trains his team of coaches, which include the likes of Nico Bastian, Francesco Lopez, Florian Spengler, Timo Kluck, and Markus Enzinger.… weiter

Business Intelligence on the “Nordschleife” race track (2)

We’ve just finished another important step: Frank Kretschmann and Nota-X have summarized the outstanding material from the Nordschleife into a first film. In it, I explain why it was so important to us not to simply measure eye tracking in a lab, but at a place where the stakes are high and each glance has to be on target.

The Nordschleife is such a hard test because of the relentless distractions on the human eye.… weiter

Gasoline may run through our veins, but we still think with our brains.”

In a time that is marked by “fake news”, there are some good news for Business Intelligence, professional racers, and even society as whole. Why a letter to the editor of “SportAuto” and an initiative from Cordt Schnibben make me optimistic about the information quality in companies.

What can we in Business Intelligence learn from magazines about informing people? I have asked myself that question time and time again.… weiter

About pictograms

I’ve made great process on my book about charts over the summer and autumn. The structure, content, and the text are all finished. Now I am working with Fabian Kragenings, a design professional from Studio F. A. Porsche, on the graphical didactics. His humorous reflections have opened many new perspectives. Strict rules and harsh critique turn into a lightness in places where you probably wouldn’t expect.… weiter