Awesome! Bissantz streetcar in Nuremberg

Motion arouses emotion: The streetcar in the look of our Business Intelligence software DeltaMaster will roll through the city of Nuremberg for a further year. The DeltaMaster tram has many fans – both in our office as well as on the street.

Gerd Lamatsch from the city’s outdoor advertising company (Stadtreklame) came up with the idea back in 2015. I liked the fact that our “DeltaMaster on tracks” would be in motion because motion is what guides the human eye best.… weiter

DeltaMaster goes Mondrian

The color concept in DeltaMaster is one of a kind in the industry – and the result of long, careful deliberation. It uses the luxury of business professionals to explain everything sensibly and send strong signals – all with just two colors. Now we know that blue and red combined with the system colors orange and gray have an inherent, magical effect – one that is not yet completely deciphered.weiter