Partner program of Bissantz for the BI software DeltaMaster on the road to success

At the end of 2016, Bissantz & Company launched a new partner program for the distribution of the business intelligence software DeltaMaster. Its purpose is to strengthen the business with partners by supporting them with some new systematic services. The program finds the approval of the partners: Meanwhile, already fifteen renowned partners have joined it.

Two primary targets should be reached with the partner program: One is bracing the partners for that they can provide their services on the highest professional and technical level.… weiter

GI Innovation Award 2007

German Informatics Society (GI) awarded Dr. Nicolas Bissantz the 2007 Innovation Award for his work with management information at the organization’s annual convention in Bremen, Germany.

The jury consisting of prominent professors for computer science and business information systems prized the assortment of multiple patent-pending techniques for analyzing and visualizing business, technical, and statistical data.

Pattern recognition and contextual visualizations

Bissantz explains: “Our approach combines the ability of modern computers to explore large volumes of data with the unsurpassed talent of human beings to intuitively recognize and evaluate patterns.This synergy opens up a new world of possibilities in how we work with information.… weiter