Bissantz in one minute

What is Business Intelligence? During a conference, we were asked to explain our understanding of Business Intelligence in a one minute video clip. Attention is scarce – so why not? When it comes to looking, seeing and doing of executives, even seconds are sacred for us. That’s why we learn from those kind of sports, where even a tenth of a second determines whether vision strategies are successful.… weiter

Bissantz and DeltaMaster at Porsche

Our forum at Porsche Museum in Stuttgart may be over, but the excitement and enthusiasm are still very strong. And not just for me, but for everyone I have spoken to about it. It was a fabulous day, with outstanding speakers and an eager audience. Our IT and sales orchestrated the setup and organization perfectly, and our development team presented fantastic new innovations.… weiter

Business Intelligence on the “Nordschleife” race track (2)

We’ve just finished another important step: Frank Kretschmann and Nota-X have summarized the outstanding material from the Nordschleife into a first film. In it, I explain why it was so important to us not to simply measure eye tracking in a lab, but at a place where the stakes are high and each glance has to be on target.

The Nordschleife is such a hard test because of the relentless distractions on the human eye.… weiter

Gasoline may run through our veins, but we still think with our brains.”

In a time that is marked by “fake news”, there are some good news for Business Intelligence, professional racers, and even society as whole. Why a letter to the editor of “SportAuto” and an initiative from Cordt Schnibben make me optimistic about the information quality in companies.

What can we in Business Intelligence learn from magazines about informing people? I have asked myself that question time and time again.… weiter

Awesome! Bissantz streetcar in Nuremberg

Motion arouses emotion: The streetcar in the look of our Business Intelligence software DeltaMaster will roll through the city of Nuremberg for a further year. The DeltaMaster tram has many fans – both in our office as well as on the street.

Gerd Lamatsch from the city’s outdoor advertising company (Stadtreklame) came up with the idea back in 2015. I liked the fact that our “DeltaMaster on tracks” would be in motion because motion is what guides the human eye best.… weiter

GI Innovation Award 2007

German Informatics Society (GI) awarded Dr. Nicolas Bissantz the 2007 Innovation Award for his work with management information at the organization’s annual convention in Bremen, Germany.

The jury consisting of prominent professors for computer science and business information systems prized the assortment of multiple patent-pending techniques for analyzing and visualizing business, technical, and statistical data.

Pattern recognition and contextual visualizations

Bissantz explains: “Our approach combines the ability of modern computers to explore large volumes of data with the unsurpassed talent of human beings to intuitively recognize and evaluate patterns.This synergy opens up a new world of possibilities in how we work with information.… weiter